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Introducing the School of Qauntum



Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) leverages the principles of quantum physics to store, transmit, manipulate, compute, and measure information.

Recent years have witnessed remarkable strides in quantum computing, communication, and sensing, precipitating significant commercial and economic ramifications. It is evident that QIST will spearhead the next wave of global scientific and technological innovation.

Consequently, the cultivation of skilled QIST professionals will undoubtedly be pivotal in shaping the future industrial landscape. Within the dynamic realm of QIST, there is a pressing need for an educational platform where young and talented students can continually comprehend and master emerging technologies.

To address this, systematic education on QIST fundamentals and foundational technologies is imperative. With this objective, our School of Quantum at Korea University has been established, aiming to develop a cohesive and collaborative graduate school ecosystem dedicated to nurturing QIST professionals for both research and industry.

This graduate school endeavors to harness the collective strengths of member universities, research institutes, and companies, fostering an inclusive environment for individuals from varied backgrounds to enter and excel in QIST careers.

By doing so, we aspire to bolster creative research and industry and fortify national competitiveness in a wide range of areas in QIST. The cultivation of QIST talents represents a pioneering global initiative, offering uncharted realms with boundless potential.

Our faculty, researchers, industry partners, and staff are steadfastly dedicated to inspiring, educating, training, and supporting the next generation of QIST talents, thereby contributing to the future prosperity of QIST in Korea. Your support will greatly encourage us in this endeavor.

Professor Mahn-Soo Choi

School of Quantum at Korea University (HQ)